Justice_Intersectionality_WellbeingIn this podcast Kholoud highlights the balance in doing justice and intersectionality work: it`s about offer service to others and about wellbeing, self and communtiy care. Kholoud brings us glasses, that offer us an access to see beyond one limited moment to get more empathy and compassion for us and others. Thank you Kholoud for your message: „I would encourage us to leave the old ways of violence, of ego, of borders and find new ways that are absolutely non violent. We have a little bit of differences, but in the matter of fact, we are mainly funcitioning as one organism that is divided.“


Konzept &Produktion: Team Amplifying Voices: Borghild Strähle, Elisabeth Yupanqui-Werner, Josephine Jackson, Lean Haug, Maria Kechaja, Marjam Kashefipour

Jingle produced by: Lenzio (@lenzio_) • Technik & Unterstützung aller Art: KABU (@vo_kabu_lar)

Amplifying Voices ist ein Projekt von adis e.V. (www.adis-ev.de • Instagram: @adis_online)




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