Anti-Discrimination Counselling Services

We will continue to provide anti-discrimination counselling during the current crisis. There will be no in-person counselling for the foreseeable future to stop the spreading of the virus. But we are available via phone, our website and the messenger. Contact details:
Phone: 07071 14310410
Web: (Mail, text chat, video chat)
Messenger: Download adis online for free in the app store

At the moment some of the usual support structures are closed or overwhelmed. You are welcome to reach out to us even if there is no pressing case of discrimination you want to discuss. Maybe you have been dealing with some form of discrimination for a long time and this crisis makes the situation even worse. Maybe you want to share your sorrows. We will listen to you and take your experiences seriously. Even if we can’t find a solution in the moment we are working on societal and structural change and your perspectives are a valuable contribution to that.

Anti-Discrimination Counselling for Reutlingen/Tübingen and Baden-Württemberg


Discrimination is:

The devaluation or unequal treatment of people on the grounds of characteristics or attributes, such as colour, origin, language, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, appearance, social status

Who do we help?

Anyone who experiences discrimination, either directly or indirectly

What help do we offer?

– We listen

– We encourage you to stand up to discrimination

– We inform you about your rights

– We work out strategies and responses with you (letters of complaint, mediation, legal action, etc.)

Our principles

– Everything you tell us is treated with confidentiality

– We are on your side!

– We don’t do anything you don’t want!


+49 (07071) 14310410

Our advice is free.

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